Friday, July 25

...And, we're back.

Hello friends!

Please forgive the long absence, but we were on vacation in a little piece of paradise called the Maldives. I am a visual person, and this place was visually amazing.

Here is the beach where our private little villa was located:

And another shot right in front of the restaurant:

The color of the Indian Ocean was truly THAT color! No photoshopping whatsoever!!!

So, we had 14 days of waking up to sunrises like this:

One of the highlights of my trip was when we were snorkeling on the fabulous house reef and came across this bad boy:

I cannot tell you how amazing it was to be that close to a giant sea turtle! It was beautiful! So graceful and it just kept looking at us like 'Whazzup??'. He seemed VERY laid back. We swam with him for awhile and he just ate sea sponges. Amazing.

So, please forgive me for not updating of late! I have been in paradise: