Sunday, February 22

Tacos! The Breakfast of Champions.

I think I have been pretty lucky thus far in the pregnancy as far a crazy cravings go. I don't crave anything weird, like pickles and icecream, I just crave things I have no hope of possibly getting here in Norway. Some of the cravings are so intense that I actually SHAKE a little when thinking about them! In no particular order, I have craved:
  • Chik-fila combo number 1 with extra pickles
  • Arby's roast beef sandwich
  • Tater tots from Sonic with a diet cherry limeade
  • Whataburger with cheese and jalepenos
  • Thin and crispy pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut
  • ANYTHING tex mex
Luckily, or unluckily, I cannot get any of that in Norway, so I have an apple or an orange instead and as a result, have only gained about 14 pounds in 22 weeks of pregnancy! Which fits into the whole 'slow and steady' approach to weight gain!

Now, I can't get the restaurant quality tex mex I crave here, but I can make some pretty good homemade concoctions here thanks to my spice collection from Texas, and lately it seems like I cannot get enough of breakfast tacos. I love breakfast tacos, and coming from Houston you have a wide range of possibilities to procure them from Whataburger to the local mexican food stand. Breakfast tacos are easy and tasty and don't require any special culinary skills beyond being able to scramble eggs and microwave tortillas, so they are a great quick breakfast!

I always have bacon in mine. Good crispy bacon:

I also had some leftover chorizo in the freezer from the time I tried to make my own from scratch. It wasn't BAD, but it wasn't GREAT either, but it would work great in tacos, so I cooked it and then added it to the scrambled eggs:

Then to assemble your tacos, heat up a tortilla, add some cheese, put the eggs and sausage mixture in, top it with a strip of bacon, some cilantro and spicy green salsa:

Roll them up and enjoy!! They are so tasty and somehow they always manage to hit that proverbial spot:

I could eat these all the time and never get sick of them!

Good eatin'.

Monday, February 16

And then there were three

Well, once again I find myself apologizing for being such a bad blog updater. I have so much admiration for people who update their blogs on a daily, or at least REGULAR, basis. Sadly, I am more of a sporadic blogger, despite my intentions otherwise.

But, this time, I think I have what is at least a somewhat legitimate excuse! Around early November things took a stunning change of direction here in our household, all thanks to a magic little stick:
Yes, that's right! I'm PREGNANT! For most of October and November, we were just in shock and I was really not well. I wasn't throwing up, but I really suffered from sheer exhaustion. To the point that I honestly do not remember parts of November and December. It was weird.

Then on January 22, we went to the doctor and came face to face with the fruit of our loins:

That my friends, is my 95% certain little GIRL!! I cannot describe the emotion when that grainy image appears on the screen above you. To see perfectly formed fingers and toes. To see her putting her fingers in her mouth like the picture above. To see an amazingly long leg like this:
I mean, it's just overwhelming!!! I'm pregnant with a she-child and I am still just in SHOCK!
But it's fun, and it's challenging and it's an entire new journey that we are going on.

My diabetic needs have changed and I have begun using insulin which has revolutionized my life! I can't wait to tell you about that another time, but insulin has really given me back my quality of life that I had been missing for a few years now. In a nutshell, insulin ROCKS.

So, that is what is going on here in Norway. It's cold, it's snowy and I am just gestating away and in about 18 weeks, we will have a little mini-us joining our little clan for a whole set of new adventures!

It's quite amazing really.