Sunday, January 29

Elly and Flash

So, let me introduce Elly and Flash. They are our psuedo-children and between the two of them weigh in at around 10 pounds! These are the first pets I have ever owned independent of my parents and my husband was never allowed pets as a child due to an allergic sister, so, really, the change, for us, has been like having children. And yes, we do dress them. We HAVE to. We live in Norway you know and 5 pound chihuahuas are no match for a heavy weight winter. I usually think animals in people clothes is RETARDED, but I have to admit, I find myself leaning towards the purchase of a 'Born in the USA' shirt for them. Elly is our girl dog. she is on the top. Flash is our boy dog. He is on the bottom! Ok. So there they are. Two chihuahua's, spirited away from the intense Texas heat to snowy Northern Europe. Who thinks they might be confused?

So, more about Diabetes next time, for now, it feels good not to write about it, mainly because I am a Diabetic disaster. No self control. I think it may be referred to in Medical circles as denial.

Until next time.


julia said...

Cute! My husband wanted to adopt a chihuahua from a shelter until we saw the thing scale an 8-foot chain link fence. Nimble little thing! Instead, we got a border collie. Because those are so much less active. :roll eyes:

Ursula said...

wow, today I stumbled on your blod and I can only say you are me. I found out about 6 years ago that I was a Diabetic and at first I was on top of the ball about everything.changing food habits I'd had for meats due to the heartburn I everyday,taking meds everyday,denying the foods I so despertly graved. I had a hb of 6 and I thought that was great.The constant everything all the time everyday every attention,reading the endless hopeless articules. so tired of it all I willing flew of the clif flying free to eat what I wanted.I'm tired of the food kustopo in everyone that knows I'm diabetic. No one understands the depression and isolation this causes me and most of the time they don't try. they just nag at me for not doing better. Your blog hit it on the nail thank you!! I will continue to read and if you need some english newspapers let me know. signing off from Tallahassee florida.