Friday, January 12

Thick Waisted

Sadly, I took my measurements and my waist was 37 inches, officially making me ‘thick waisted’. I know that women with a waist circumference of more than 35 inches have a dramatically increased chance of developing Type 2 diabetes. I don’t know why I have never measured my waist before. I think I am still clinging to the days of high school when it was 24 inches.

Of course a lot of things were different in high school and I wouldn’t go back if you PAID me, although the music WAS good (80’s you know). Remember this guy?? Who could forget the flock?

So, I started Weight Watchers to shrink my waist. Oh, and also to get healthy. But I’m not going to lie; a strong motivator is to be a skinny little hottie once again.

kinda like her...only different.

But that’s NOT my focus. (Although I am sure Gisele is now probably yours!)

Not that I have ever been skinny, skinny. Although there is a picture of me from a dance recital when I was 12 looking like I had twigs for legs. I was a late bloomer!! But AFTER I bloomed, I was a muscular gal. My uncle once called me ‘stout’. I still get annoyed by that memory. Use that word to describe beer, not a woman!!

I’ve never really worked out or dieted, and I have gained weight steadily and proportionately since I was 18. I did lose about 20 pounds before my wedding, and some of those pics are on the blog a few entries down. Then I moved to Norway and gained it all back. Suddenly I was a diabetic and now I discover that I am thick waisted.

2 inches too thick.

Suddenly there is a reason for my mysterious Diabetes. 37 reasons. I’m officially on the ‘high risk’ list. I’m a code RED.

So, I am doing something about it! I’m shrinking my waist and most likely, the rest of my body will shrink with me. And I do promise, faithful reader, not to end up looking like this:

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MileMasterSarah said...

oooh, good luck with the weight watchers thing. This whole entry made me giggle.