Thursday, December 13

The evolution of a marshmallow.

This is what happens to marshmallows in my house. I tried to think of a good fate for them. I wanted people to oooh and ahhhh, so naturally, that ruled out rice krispies treats.

This was the best I could come up with: Melted raspberry dark chocolate and crushed almonds:

I think if you look close enough you can see the vanilla bean:

They were packed into cookie tins to await their 'tin mates', who will be born sometime this weekend.

Ah, the life of a marshmallow.

Not too shabby.


Donna said...

Looks delicious!

Amylia said...


you rock!

by the way, how to you pronounce "Sussy?" It is "sussy" as in seussy or more like juicy?

We spread that word around the OC and now everyone's using it! Love that!