Monday, July 11

the beautiful diabetic takes flight

July 11, 2005

I have sat staring at this blank space for quite some time, frozen by the fear that I won't be clever with my words. But then I remember that this is for me. If others do read it, that is wonderful, but it is only me that I need to be clever for, and considering how easily I entertain myself, this shouldn't prove overwhelmingly difficult.

So, welcome to the beautiful diabetic! I will start with the name. I didn't decide on the name out of vanity and strong conviction of my beauty. I decided on the name because I am tired of disease marking people as 'flawed' or 'weak' or 'sad' or 'dying'. I decided on the name after living with disease throughout the last decade. After watching an UGLY disease kill my little sister, who truly was beautiful. After realizing that I have spent too many years at war with this thing called my body. Calling it names that are ugly and spiteful. No more. I am diabetic and I am beautiful. Therefore I am the beautiful diabetic. I expect those words to love each other. To be what my mother always called 'Fast Friends'. To wrap around each other in a warm embrace, like two things that were always meant to be, but were always somehow kept apart. A homecoming of sorts. Where diabetic will say to beautiful- 'At last!' And beautiful will say to diabetic- 'It's so good to see you!' And two words who have been kept apart, will fall together naturally, and suddenly the beautiful diabetic will have taken flight.


Kerri. said...

Hi there.

I love the name of your site. I appreciate the theory behind it, as well. "Fast Friends" indeed. I have been diabetic for almost two decades (type 1, onset at the age of 7) and have been blogging since May 2005. It's nice to let the words out once in a while. And to receive the feedback, comments, and genuine support of the online community.

On a non-diabetic side note, my mother married a Norwegian. Only he moved here.

Feel free to visit my blog - - or email me - - if you have any questions or curiosities.

Good luck!


scottbnfatlanta said...

sure do miss my beautiful diabetic
family member from the Atl@BNF