Thursday, July 14

Is It Just Me??

It seems as though there are thousands of different opinions on how to deal with Diabetes, especially when it comes to eating or more specifically, what not to eat. There are so many websites with so many different reccomendations. I have never been one of those people who does something just because someone says so. I think it comes from my mother saying to me when I was young, in response to, 'But mom, EVERYONE else is doing it!' and she would say 'Well, if everyone else were jumping off a bridge does that mean you would to???' The same has been true with Diabetes. The doctor told me: 'No sugar, low fat, exercise, no fast food, no white flour'. I think we also have to take into consideration that I live in a country where I am not 100 percent fluent in the language and my doctor happens to be a Vietnamese gentleman speaking a mixture of heavily accented English and Norwegian. Gives a new meaning to 'lost in translation'. (The care is good, I just chose not to go the 'So, you've got Diabetes' course at the hospital because it was in Norwegian. Also, my doctor recommended taking the summer to adjust my diet, lose 10 to 15 pounds and monitor my blood glucose and come September we would decide if any medication needs to be added) So, I have depended less on the doctors here and more on information I gather on the internet. And I must say, the contradictions are shocking. Especially when it comes to diet recommendations. I am still in Diabetic Kindergarten, but I have a sneaking suspicion that just like DNA, Diabetes is individual. I want to know how individual foods affect MY blood. I don't want to read about how the 'experts' say those foods will affect it. I hope I don't sound cavalier about this, but for me, it is important that I understand MY disease. And for me, understanding comes through experimentation. I KNOW I am not supposed to have that pizza, but I want to see how it affects my glucose. I test before I eat it and then again 2 hours later. Ok. Crazy high glucose levels. Now I know. Now I can start developing new pizza recipes with a spelt crust and lower fat cheese and chicken. But at least I know! Does that make sense??? It's not like I do this EVERY night. I largely maintain a 'healthy diabetic' diet. I could just be naive, but I don't think experimenting like this will cause me to go blind or have a stroke or have fingers or toes chopped off. (Granted, I think, from what I have read, Type 2 diabetics have more lee way here.) So, those are my thoughts for today. All set off by one website where they SWEAR you should have margarine rather than butter after I just read a different website a week ago where they SWEAR you should have butter instead of margarine. Oi Vey.


SaintMartha said...

I share your frustration. I had subscribed earlier to a diabetes message board site and it turned out to be a nightmare. It's one of those places where people have nothing better to do than scare each other silly...not my cup of tea since I can manage to do this well enough on my own,
The worst message however was someone claiming that diabetes is a terminal illness. I finally couldn't stand it a minute longer and unsubscribed myself.

I think we have to do for our bodies what feels right and what works. We are all different and our bodies are going to react in different ways.

I spoke with my sister in law last night and she was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago, she went in for gastric bypass (she was very obese) and after the surgery the doctor told her that it had cured her diabetes. She no longer tests her blood sugar, she has also lost three hundred pounds and is in perfect shape....and so I wonder????
I had a great report from the doctor yesterday---I posted it on my blog site.

Rachel said...

Hi, I'm 29 and I was diagnosed with type 2 in March and my husband is a type 1 (diagnosed 19 years ago). I had pre-diabetic levels for four years before the diagnosis (which was based mostly on a OGTT just like you). I'm managing it with diet and exercise for now - just had my follow-up appt and things are looking good.

SaintMartha said...

I am soooo sorry you had a bad numbers weekend and believe me I can certainly understand the worry and fear.
I have to be honest and admit I am not a very disciplined person by any means. In fact I can be down right lazy and slothful. But this diabetic thing has frightened me so much that rather than rely on discipline I rely on fear instead.
One thing that I do that I feel is super important in maintaining correct numbers is doing the low carb thing. I don't think I go over 20 carbs for any meal. Instead I do lots of proteins and the good fats.
I will give you a sample of how I eat and maybe this will give you some ideas.

Breakfast is two eggs with melted cheddar cheese. Sometimes I add some onions or greenpeppers to spice it up.

Lunch is usually one of those low carb frozen dinners, Weight Watchers is a good one as is the South Beach diet--I choose them by carb count, for instance my lunch was by weight watchers and consisted of a salisbury steak and green beans. The carb count was 10.

Dinner is usually some sort of meat, like chicken or steak or whatever...I then either add a big green salad or do steamed vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower.

I snack on low fat wheat thins with peanut butter, cheese, hard boiled eggs, peanuts, almonds, etc.

Here is a rule of thumb I follow religiously--If I want a hamburger I eat one, except I wrap it in lettuce, same thing with a sandwich. I love mexican food but I just dont eat the fattening tortillas and just eat the meat, lettuce cheese, etc.

I don't eat noodles, white bread, sugary things or white flour stuff.

I exercise throughout the day doing housework and hopping on the treadmill for a five minute quickie, or I dance around the house listening to music (it's not a pretty site by any means :)

I try to stay within 1200 calories daily, of course I have weight to lose and maybe you don't and that isn't one of your worries.

I had a stressful Sunday, it was one of those days where everything and anything went wrong--my nerves were frayed and most of the day was spent in frustation and tearfulness--I was worried about my blood levels spiking but I took them and I was at a 79--which actually prompted me to eat a handful of almonds before going to bed. I woke up this morning at a 97 which is I guess within the right limits.
I tried to find your email address and wanted to send this privately but I can't find it!
Send me an email and I will copy it to my address book.

Pem said...

Divide it into three philosophies. You can take the ADA approach--eat a carfeully limited but fairly high carb diet to prevent heart disease and take more medicine and aim for an A1c under 7. You can take the low-carb tight control approach (see ) and achieve an A1c under 5.5 by diet and exercise (test both 1 hour and 2 hours after meals and adjust what you eat until you are under 140 at 1 hour and under 120 at 2 hours). Or you can take medicine and not otherwise change your life, as many people do.

I love the idea of "my body, my science experiment" so the low-carb tight control approach works for me. My doctor was a little dubious but can't argue with the results.

Aries327 said...

Where have you gone? I have an excuse for my absence, I was moving from Salt Lake to Mesa and didn't have access to the internet for a week.

I hope you're okay.

Bonnie said...

WOW...I do sympathize with you on this post. I have Type 2 diabetes myself.May God Bless You.

SaintMartha said...

You havent posted in a long time. I hope you are okay. Please drop a note and let me know how things are going. I really do care.