Sunday, April 2

The Baby Carrot Scam

I am sorry it has been some time since I updated the blog, but I started a new job and my body is still recovering from being forced back into the 'real' world! I have joined the ranks of commuters everywhere and take the subway back and forth to work, and that, dear reader, is where this sad tale begins. It was early, about 6.30 am. I like to go to work early, first, because I am a morning person and get much more done BEFORE lunch than I do after lunch, and second, because I hate being packed into a subway car like a sardine.
So, here I was going to work in an almost empty train car and so I pulled out my guilty pleasure, O magazine. Oprah magazine, in my humble opinion, is one of the best magazines being sold today. I always feel good about myself after I have spent time reading it and I always learn something. So I was reading an article on nutrition, and the writer was spending the day with Marion Nestle. She is a famous nutritionist apparantly. The subject of 'baby carrots' comes up, and here is where things become disturbing. Let me preface this by saying, I have never liked baby carrots. I don't like 'adult' carrots either. Something about them. I think they have a slightly bitter taste to them. It's hard to describe. I have friends who have sworn that baby carrots are sweeter and better than regular carrots, but I have never thought so. (Strangly, even though I don't really like them, I ALWAYS put them in chicken and dumplings and curry. I do it because those 2 things are SUPPOSED to have carrots. Weird, I know. AND, I LOVE carrot cake!)
So, why have I never been able to tell the difference between adult and baby carrots? Here is why, and I quote:

' A pound of organic baby carrots costs 2.99. Turns out the little fellers don't grow that way. They're sculpted out of mega carrots by machines. That's why, Marion says, they turn white when exposed to air.'

Am I the only one who didn't know this? I was shocked!! They DO turn white! For some reason I felt like I was part of scam. Like a big con had been pulled. I still don't know why I am so annoyed. I guess I had just always assumed that they really WERE baby carrots. I took the manufacturer at their word. And it really isn't a BIG deal, but it kind of is to me. I have always carried a strange guilt for not liking carrots. Maybe because I grew up being told that carrots would make me see better and improve my night vision. Maybe it's because I really loved Bugs Bunny growing up and used to pretend Cheetos were carrots and I would gobble them down and say 'Eh, what's up doc?'. But they have always been something that I really wanted to like, but just didn't, so I am always trying to give them another chance.
Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter that much because carrots are not considered to be the best vegetables for diabetics, high in sugar. So, oh well!!! But I just thought I would share that little piece of information with all of you who read this!
By the way, I go back to the endochronologist in the morning to get the results of all my tests from 3 weeks ago. I should know for sure whether or not I am a type 1 or 2 by this time tomorrow. I will let you know.

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SaintMartha said...

Did you get your results yet? I hope all is well...let us know.