Monday, June 12

No wonder it's so hard!

I once had a post about trying to make a diabetic friendly pizza. It was long and had many different options. Bottom line was that there is no such thing. You should just exercise and be healthy and every once in awhile indulge in the real thing. So worth it. I also wondered why I had an increase of pizza eating since moving to Norway. Well, I found this online today and thought it was interesting:

"Norway is the Scandinavian country with the highest pizza consumption per capita. There are statistics indicating that the average Norwegian eats more than 50 pizzas a year, a figure also including frozen pizzas bought from supermarkets. 100% home delivery/takeaway was the fastest growing consumer foodservice sector in 2004."

That is a lot of pizza per person! I also read somewhere else that Norwegians consume more hotdogs per capita than any other country in the world. I will try to find the number, but it is probably close to the pizza number.

That means that for about 100 days out of the year, statistically, those of us in Norway are eating pizza or hotdogs.


Just found that interesting.


Lori Rode said...

I've just found your blog. The first year to five years following diagnosis are very hard. And you have some additional challenges which complicate the whole thing. Hang in there!

With pizza, my personal choices are 1) whole grain crust, 2) minimal or no cheese, and 3) veggie toppings, and 4) limited portions.

Lili said...

I miss your blog!

Joy Heather said...

are you going to start blogging again ??...i have only recently started to read it (as i was making enquires regarding diabetes since my recent my diagnosis of the desease )..i enjoyed reading it and was sorry it seemed to stop in June of this year (2006)..hope you are o.k.