Thursday, February 28

The Most Pitiful Thing. EVER.

So, as chihuahuas often do, our little Elly went for a teeth cleaning at the vet on Tuesday. I took her to the vet and it was pouring down rain. We walked in and two HUGE dogs were in a shouting match and my little Elly was shaking like a leaf. What had started as an unusual and rare morning walk, had ended up at the vet, and I could sense her suspicion. She probably thought I just brought her with me to buy some more dried pig ears. I think she remembered she had just been here a few days earlier. So, the technician came to take her away and THOSE EYES! She was looking at me like: 'Whoa! What is going on here?? Who is this? Really? Are you letting her take me away? Hold up sister! Are you leaving me here???? NOOOOOOOOOOOO' Ok, so that is a dramatic re-enactment, and she probably had no clue what was happening. But it was pitiful and I felt HORRIBLE. So guilty. I walked back to train in a daze, hoping that the Norwegians hadn't accidentally written 'euthanize' instead of 'teeth cleaning' on her forms.

They knocked her out good and when we picked her up she was a shell of her usual self.

Like a limp noodle. A rag doll. She was flopping all over the place. Tongue hanging out, body like jello. I was so scared to see her, but when she heard my voice, the only sign of life was the faint wag of her tail. We put her on the ground when we got home and had to take off our coats. She was stumbling around like a drunk on a 3 day binge. She kept falling over. I felt so sorry for her, so naturally, I had to take pictures, cause at the same time, I couldn't stop laughing.

Sweetest dog ever.

Sometimes all you need is a little sheltering and some love:

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amylia said...


Cutest photos ever! And what a cute hubby you have, too. She looks pitifully adorable!

Michelle said...

OMG that is too freaking cute!!

Michelle said...

BTW I'm Michelle from Just Too Sweet (, formerly Confessions of a Food Addict.

Donna said...

Awwwwww! She is too cute.

I've always hated it when ours have had to be sedated & they look so dazed & lifeless for a while - it kind of freaks me out. But Elly makes it look so sweet! She's adorable. :)

Patty said...

I swear I said "awwww" before I read the last line. Elly is too cute.