Friday, June 27

Chicken Tenders, Hushpuppies and BlueCheese Dressing

So, I have been working out and trying to drop a few pounds cause we are going to the Maldives next Saturday for a fabulous beach vacation. I have been somewhat successful and have dropped about 12 pounds or so!

Great news for my brittle self confidence that will be bikini clad for 15 days!

The not so great news is that I am a bit of self sabatoger! Everytime I make some headway, I end up eating something that is firmly in the category of 'non diet friendly foods'.

I had a wonderful visit with my mom and dad who came from Texas to Norway for a week and maybe I was a little depressed that they left yesterday. Yea, that's it. (It is always nice to find something to blame destructive habits on.)

So, today, in a clear effort to easily gain back some of my hard earned weight loss, my cravings drove me blindly towards chicken tenders, hush puppies and homemade blue cheese dressing!


Recipezaar is my enabler!

I started with Paula Deen's recipe for fried chicken. I made it somewhat ok by using skinless, boneless chicken breast. The thing I loved about this recipe is that it called for a cup of Louisiana Hot Sauce in the egg mixture! Now, I LOVE me some Louisiana Hot Sauce!!! It didn't make the tenders hot, but gave them really good flavor and they were really juicy:

Oh my goodness they were good!

Now, I have NO IDEA why I would suddenly crave hushpuppies!! But crave them I did, so I made hush puppies Justin Wilson style.

I have no idea who this Justin Wilson is, but his hush puppies had good ratings, so I whipped them up. Maybe I was having flashbacks from the Catfish King in Nacogdoches, Texas. I remember eating and LOVING fried catfish and hushpuppies, but I haven't thought about them in YEARS. Decades really, but they turned out nicely:

And then, because the chicken was made with Louisiana hot sauce giving them that 'buffalo wing vibe', I thought that celery dipped in blue cheese dressing would be really good. Problem number one is that there is no blue cheese dressing in Norway.

No problem. I'll just make that as well. Enter in a good basic blue cheese dressing recipe, and voila:

Problem number 2 is that I forgot to buy celery, so I sliced some tomatoes and just put it on them!

So, all in all, it was a delicious, but fat inducing, evening. Here is a picture of my plate of sin:

Not a green vegetable in sight.

Sad. Just sad.

Oh well. In a week I will be on a deserted island in the Indian Ocean and I have a feeling that what I ate today will be the last thing on my mind.


Kerri. said...

Kathryn, I wanted to touch base quickly and see if you received the email I sent you last month. Drop me a line if you have a minute at sparling (at) dlife (dot) com! :)

Araby62 said...

Oh man, you say 'Louisiana sauce' and my mouth is watering...;-) Must try your recipe on my husband :-)

Ever try Buillard's? It's great!

Patty said...

Your plate of sin looks delicious. Have you seen Paula's new show? I watched it the other day and Billy Joel's wife was on with her and they made a fruit smoothie with tofu. I wanted to go eat a stick of butter to make up for it. Congratulations on losing the 12 pounds! I'll go eat another stick of butter in your honor now. :)