Sunday, June 29

We have FRUIT, people!!!!!

So, this morning I went out to peruse the garden and see if anything needed plucking or staking and imagine my total and utter SHOCK when I saw these little beauties!!!!

Here's a close up:

I have PEAS!! I thought they were the kind that you shell, but they look alot like snowpeas to me! I can't believe things are actually bearing FRUIT! I find this whole thing fascinating!!!

Then I started inspecting the tomato plants and spied this:

I have 3 tomatoes that I saw and 1 bell pepper!! I just can't believe it!! I am really excited!

In sad news, something seems to be ravaging the jalepeno plants and I don't know what it is:

The carrots are growing beautifully and it takes EVERYTHING in me not to pull one out and see what it looks like! I wonder if I have baby carrots in that pot?? I REALLY want to yank one out. Christopher talked me out of it, but I may just have to.

I am a curious gal.

Ok. So that is the balcony garden update!!!

FRUIT!! I have actual, alive, organic vegetables growing from SEEDS that I planted and loved and grew!!!


Amazing. Simply amazing.


Kraxpelax said...

Hopefully my art will be of interest too.
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Jen Yu said...

WOW! That is so exciting and so awesome! :) I *knew* you could do it, love! So when I can I come over and make a stir-fry with those gorgeous snow peas?! xxoo

Shannon said...

A non-toxic way of keeping bugs off of your plants is to mix dishwashing soap with water in a spray bottle and spray the plants with it.