Tuesday, August 26

The leaf has been turned

Admittedly, I have been a bit of diabetic daredevil in the past. Yet fresh off of my cancer scare, I have a new passion for my health.

The threat of potential blindness or amputation 20 years down the line wasn't enough to get me going.

But the threat of cancer? Yea, that works.

So, after doing a lot of research and talking to a doctor, I am kicking it South Beach style.

In a way, I wish the South Beach diet wasn't so trendy, cause then it would feel more legitimate and less like a 'fad'. So, I just want you all to know that the diet was originally created by a certain Dr. Agaston in Miami (hence the catchy name) for his cardiac and diabetic patients. It worked wonders for his patients, improved cardiac function, cholesterol levels, dramatically lowered blood glucose levels.

Oh yea, and people lost a lot of weight. The media caught on, and the South Beach craze began.

It is hard for me not to focus on the weight loss aspect of the diet, I constantly remind myself that I am doing this for my HEALTH.

So, let the body rehab begin.

I started my first day on South Beach with a bang. For dinner I grilled marinated pork tenderloin, made homemade refried beans and a fresh salsa with my very own tomatoes, spinach and avocado:
I discovered pinto beans a few weeks ago here in Norway and boy was that an exciting day! I made a big pot of pintos and then mashed them into some gorgeous refrieds:

The salsa was really tasty as well. Something about growing your own tomatoes that makes it taste so good:
But, the best part about dinner last night had to be the dessert! Ricotta cheese is very popular on the South Beach diet and this was simply cocoa, ricotta, cream cheese, vanilla, eggs, evaporated milk and splenda mixed together and baked in a water bath. 45 minutes later I had this gorgeous number:

It tasted like a chocolate cheesecake to me. I was a happy girl.

Getting healthy is tasting good:

One day at a time.


Shell said...

Okay that desert looks divine! You have got to share the recipe - seriously - I will have to do a bit of adjusting. I am allergic to any and all artificial sweeteners.
Isn't growing your own tomatoes the best??

KimberlyDi said...

South Beach diet isn't a fad. You eat healthy meats & veggies and cut back on carbs and sugars.

It's a smart diet. Dear Hubby & I need to get back on it. Your meal looks superb!