Sunday, August 31

Faux-sagna and Bean Bread!

Well, I am toodling along the South Beach Diet and I am really loving it.

I've got week one under my belt, and true to my nature, I did cheat a few times, but overall, I rocked it pretty hard. One of my favorite meals this week had to be the faux-sagna. Yep, lasagna sans noodles. And what pray tell was the noodle substitute? Why, broiled eggplant strips of course!

I sliced the eggplant thin, put it on some parchment paper and put a little parmesean on it:
I broiled it for about 10 minutes. It didn't get a crispy, lasagna plate like consistency like the recipe said it would, but what-ev.

While that was a-broiling, I whipped up a tasty marinara with lean ground beef and lots of veggies:

Then I just put it all together like you would any 'real' lasagna. Sauce, faux-noodles, ricotta egg mixture, mozzarella, repeat:
Another thing that has been a life saver is a little gem I discovered called 'Ligurian Farinata'. As the name implies, it is from the Liguria region of Italy and it is a common street food. It's a flat bread made out of chickpea flour! I have experimented with chickpea flour in the past when I have made previous efforts to control my blood sugar. It works great in casserole type dishes, like my diabetic enchiladas. I have never thought to make a flat bread out of it until I found this recipe on Recipezaar.

It was so simple and I must admit to being really impressed by the end results:
It was light and crisp around the edges and really satisfied my bread craving!

Between the Ligurian bean bread and the faux-sagna, dinner was a hit:
Even the skeptical hubby gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up!

But the best part about the South Beach Diet so far?

My blood sugar is the lowest it's been in recent memory. Well within the recommended ranges from the American Diabetes Association.

I am psyched!


Fiona said...

Yum! I'd make the lasagna with Zucchini, because I'm president and founder of the I Hate Eggplant Club, but that's a minor change.

Yum, yum, yum.

Shell said...

Wow that looks good. I often make Eggplant Parmasian, a very simple item of layered eggplant that has been fried up, mozzerella, parmasian, and some good marinara sauce. Shall have to try both of the ideas for tonight

Susan said...

mmm... tasty. i was inspired by your enchiladas online and made some tonight - tasty, although creme freche is definitely NOT sour cream. all is well here - will get posting on the rest of norway (and the tasty enchiladas) soon. by the way, want to go to morrocco? :) s

Jim Purdy said...

Those pictures really look good. I feel like I'm gaining weight just by looking at them. Congratulations on your progress with the South Beach Diet.

Cassandra said...

looks delicious as usual, my dear! I haven't perfected refrieds from dry beans... can you share any tips?