Friday, September 26

Accidental Souffle

I am loving living la vida low carb, y'all!


I am learning that my body feels amazing the fewer carbs I eat. That sucks for all the things I love like cakes, cookies, pasta, toast (not bread, toast), BEER...I could go on and on.

However, I really am not craving any of those things at all. I mean, how could I when I am drinking heavy cream in my coffee, scrambling my eggs in butter and eating slices of aged gruyere without any guilt?

My blood sugar is like that of a NORMAL person for these last 2 weeks, and I really can't wait to go to the doctor again and get a new A1c test.

So, a lot of you know that I am not a good recipe follower. I'm just not. This is especially true with baking. And baking is not something you wanna be half assed about. It's chemistry and amounts are important! But alas, I always get carried away and tend to throw things together. I am blessed in that MOST of the time, the things I bake turn out well, however there are times when I am met with surprise.

Like the other night.

I was attempting to make a low carb cheesecake. I perused the recipe on my mac and then went to the kitchen and proceeded to wing it.

I mixed together cream cheese,ricotta, eggs, vanilla, cream, some splenda and lemon juice. Poured it into ramekins and placed them into the oven.

I went to check on it and instead of a compact dense cheesecake, I saw this:

Look at how they raised up!!!! I had accidentally made souffle!!!! One of the most notorious things to make!!!

I have to admit, I was feeling quite smug about them. They were just so light and airy!

If any of you reading are accomplished bakers, you probably know what happened as soon as I took them out of the oven. Yes. Total collapse.

So, I won't sully this blog with an after photo.
Instead, let's focus for a moment on the one glorious moment when I, Kathryn, had made a gorgeous souffle:

Almost perfect.


Kristin said...

Looks delicious! Way to go!! I'd love to hear more about your low-carb adventures... I'm trying to gather up the energy for a low carb diet as well!!

Fiona said...

That looks divine.

You know, the funny thing is that I've never been tempted to make souffle. But your description sort of revives it for me. I think this is because I usually think of souffle as more like a quiche. Only fluffy. But you make it sound like a cheesecake, only fluffy. The latter is far more appealing, to me.

Meanwhile - no shock on the carbs front. My husband and I eat a lot of veg and a lot of meat (that's probably not so great), but not a lot of carbs. It's not a diet, we just usually don't make a starch with dinner and when you cut that out the total carb consumption tends to go way down. But I agree with you about how we feel. I tend to feel sort of out-of-whack when we add rolls or potatoes to dinner.

Great news about your health. I hope you get back good numbers.