Thursday, October 2

The great potato harvest brings us to the end

Well, it is FALL in Norway. The huge curtain of ivy along the wall of our apartment building is turning from green to yellow to blazing red. Christopher took a shot of it:

It's getting cold, not quite freezing, but close. Cold enough for me to whip out various NorthFace and cashmere clothing items.

My little balcony garden proved to be quite the little producer! I got carrots, beans, tomatoes, salad greens and herbs. Not bad for a first attempt! However, things were winding down, but there was still one thing left to harvest.

The great potato bag.

I've had my eye on it for quite sometime, and given my tendency to pull or dig things up prematurely, that dang bag has been driving me INSANE with curiosity! Christopher did catch me digging around it in one time in August, and I did find a tiny little potato, and then I swore to leave it alone (and I did).

Well, I thought since it was clearly fall it was high time to bust that bag open! I had visions of a bag full of tubers, pounds of potatoes I could share with friends, buttery mashed potatoes or little new potatoes sauteed in butter and dill.

So, Christopher and I started digging.

and digging.

and digging.

ummmm, where were all of the potatoes??

I admit, my success as a first time gardener has made me a bit cocky, I was fully expecting this bag to be FULL of taters.

But, after digging through almost half of the bag and not finding anything, I was getting a little alarmed.

Then, I found one!!!

Finding this little gem reinvigorated us and we resumed the ravishing of the potato bag with a renewed interest...

But in the end, there were only a handful of potatoes to be had:

I was still excited though! I mean, I MADE potatoes!!! We had a lot of tiny ones, and a few good size ones as well.

So, this concludes our great big gardening journey of 2008!

How lovely is the silence of growing things...


Jen Yu said...

That is just incredible! You grew potatoes in a bag?! I've never heard of that, but then again, I haven't been an avid gardener (just an avid killer of plants). I think it's incredibly cute that you were rummaging around in there back in August :) Glad you left it alone, because look at your harvest! Wow, you guys did a fantastic job on your apartment garden. I hope you'll do it again. I got all excited everytime you posted pictures of anything you grew! xxoo

Fiona said...

That's a good harvest! I read a blog called Skippy's Garden, and that lady is a master gardener. She grew potatoes this year, and I don't think she got that much, either. And, honestly: if she can't do it, it can't be done. So maybe your harvest is a normal amount for that space?

This was my first year of patio gardening, too. I used to have a garden complete with gazillions of fruit trees and whatnot - but that was California so it doesn't count. I didn't actually *do* anything, except harvest.

This summer, I grew herbs, tomatoes, and chard. The chard limped along in the heat, but now it's doing well. Everything else did ok. We have this awful clay soil here, so potatoes weren't an option in my yard. Maybe next year I'll try The Bag.

Cool weather sounds nice, nice, nice. I can't wait for sweaters.