Sunday, October 19

You know it's getting cold in Norway when...

the little dogs have to put on their jackets to go for walks.

Usually, I am against dogs wearing clothes. I think it's disrespectful to Chihuahuas to dress them in tutus, paint their nails and dye their hair. My sister forwarded me a blog once called 'Seriously, get this sweater off of me', and I laughed so hard. It's true. If you are easily offended by Chihuahua's using the 'F' word, don't click on the link, but if not, READ IT, cause it is funny.

I have to admit, that my little dogs have taken me by surprise. I am a retriever kind of gal. Grew up with one Lab after another. So when we decided to get dogs that would be good apartment dogs, we took a chance on the chihuahuas. I was hesitant and frankly expected them to be shaky, snappy, yappy dogs. I couldn't have been more wrong. These kids are hilarious and just all around great dogs!

Part of the reason why I think they are so great is that we actually treat them like DOGS, and not accessories. However, due to climate fluctuations, there are times when the dogs need some clothes on. Especially Flash. He's our little white dog. A shorthaired 5.5 pound chihuahua. He actually has to wear LAYERS. I feel sorry for Flash when we get him dressed, he actually LOOKS embarassed. He just does not like to wear clothes. Elly on the other hand LOVES it. The funny thing is, Elly is a long hair chihuahua and really doesn't need any clothes until winter when the snows come, but when she sees Flash getting clothes on, she will throw a FIT if she doesn't get to wear a sweater. Seriously. It is bizarre. She will run around in circles grunting and whining until you put a sweater on her. No amount of telling her to be quiet or trying to reason with her that she doesn't NEED a sweater will shut her up! So, whatever, right? Here's your damn sweater.

So, you know it's gettting cold in Norway when the dogs are wearing clothes:


Cassandra said...

Oh my! You can see in the pictures that Elly loves it and Flash does not!

Minnesota Nice said...

Those are soooooo cute. In the dead of winter, several dogs in my neighborhood wear little boots too because the icy sidewalks are so cold.
I have Phase I, Phase II and Phase III mittens that I wear as it gets colder. So far I'm only at Phase I!

Fiona said...

We just dropped from the 80s to the 70s to (finally!) the 50s. I'm sooo ready.

I love those photos. Our dogs don't wear sweaters or jackets, but we do own booties for them. When we hike in the mountains (not here), the ice crust can cut a dog's paws, so we make them wear gore-tex booties. When we first put them on the dogs tried to rub the booties off on the carpet, and Charles and I laughed so hard we couldn't stand up.