Wednesday, January 8

The Spiralizer (or how to make really convincing fake pasta)

I'm a sucker for gadgets. I have more than I care to admit, most languishing away in a dark corner of my basement. But I recently stumbled across something called a Spiralzer. It takes veggies and potatoes and basically turns them into ribbons, spirals and noodles. I saw a few pictures of what looked like spaghetti on the 'Against All Grains' blog and knew I had to have one! I ordered one a few days ago and it arrived today. (I couldn't get a good picture of it, so you'll just have to do some google legwork.) I often make 'pasta' out of zucchini using a peeler, so I get thick ribbons, but the thought of twirly pasta is just seductive to a low carb gal. So guess what we made? Yep, spaghetti:
The noodles turned out great!! Long and thin and round. But how would they cook up? Would they hold their shape? Let's find out. I heated up some olive oil, a clove of garlic, a little grassfed butter, fresh oregano & parsley:
Smelled delicious and I sautéed it for maybe 90 seconds. The size decreased quite a bit, and I might have overlooked it a tad, but it looked great:

They were great!! As usual, they released some water, but just consider it bonus sauce! 

And finally, the ultimate test, can you twirl it like regular pasta?

Yes! Yes you can!!! 
So was it worth the purchase? Yes, mostly because of the twirl factor. By the way, you'll never hear me say 'this is just as good as REAL pasta!' I hate when food bloggers say this, it's just not true. Fake pizza is not as good as the real thing, just like pasta made out of zucchini, while creative, is not as good as the real deal!! But it certainly satisfies that desire for the whole twirl your pasta ritual that many of us low carb, primal eaters still fantasize about!
Good stuff! 

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