Friday, August 5

The Wild Blue Yonder

Hello all! Thanks for your inquiries as to my whereabouts! We left for vacation on July 22nd and I was so stressed trying to finish up baking (I bake cakes and cookies and sell them to cafes to make extra money) before we left, that I simply ran out of time! I am in Houston right now and we are going 24 hours a day trying to get ready for Courtney's Crusade which is Saturday night! It is going to be a huge event this year and we think we are going to make ALOT of money to buy AED's and save lots of lives! All in memory of my little sister Courtney! Check out the website:
Anyway, we have been all over so far. The Grand Canyon, VEgas and all of California! I have to confess, I have been what I like to call a 'Diabetic Daredevil'. It has been hard. I have NO discipline and my blood sugar has been out of control most days to the point where I have felt sick many days! I know it is irresponsible, but I have this SICK mentality of 'well, I am on vacation, so my diabetes must be as well.' It is so stupid. I think I am having a bit of shock about all of the diabetes stuff a little delayed. So, we are back in Oslo on August 14. I look forward to writing more in depth and catching everyone up with what is going with me.

I assure you, I have a plan...I always do. The question is, will I stick to it?

Talk to you soon and thanks for caring guys!


SaintMartha said...

You are back...and alive and well!!!
I really was getting worried to be honest with you, although I had a pretty good idea you were probably off galavanting around somewhere.

As far as your high numbers and falling off the wagon so to speak...I wouldn't worry too much, it isn't as if you are running around with a dripping slice of pizza in one hand and a meter reading of 500 in the other.

I know you will get back on track and back in control once life settles down once again.

Of course I sound rational when I give out advice, unfortunately I can't seem to do the same for myself. :)

Talk soon and in the meantime take care!

Kerri. said...

Glad to see you up and blogging agai.n. (Does that make me Officially Geeky for using "to blog" as a real verb?)

I agree with Ms. Martha: Once life settles down again, so will your bloodsugars. Do your best.

(But indulge in that dripping slice of pizza once in a while - you still have to have some fun, you know!)