Thursday, November 22

I bet YOU never got one of these in the mail before!!

Today is show and tell on the beautiful diabetic. And I promise you it is WEIRD.

So, my darling viking called me and said 'Honey, you got a sussy in the mail!'.

(For those of you who aren't familiar with a 'sussy', it's a little surprise, something given for no particular reason or event, just a little gift to say 'I am thinking of you'. I've not heard the term outside of Texas, and only twice outside my own family. I digress.)

And anytime one comes in the mail, it is especially exciting! So, I was totally curious and told him 'open it! open it!!!' He said 'OK' and then I just heard silence...and then I heard 'ummmm'.

Of course I am full of child like anticipation on the other end of the phone line and said 'WHAT IS IT? WHO'S IT FROM??' And he said......

'It's your old defibrallator!'

REALLY? Seriously?? I couldn't believe it! Who sends a used defib in the mail??? For those of you who don't know, I have Long QT Syndrome and I had an operation in May to replace my old defibrallator, it kept turning off, which TOTALLY defeats the purpose, so it was retired and got sent to America for testing and diagnostics. I suppose some kind hearted individual must have decided I would like it for a keep sake. So, if you have never seen one before, here it what it looks like:

From the side, it's as wide as a Zippo lighter:

And, it can fit in the palm of my hand:

The more I thought about it, the more I just can't believe that this is my actual device that lived inside me for 5 years! I mean, why would you send something like that in the mail??? Is it even legal? Used medical equipment? Can I sell it on Ebay? These are NOT cheap!!
It came with a note in Norwegian that bascially said: 'Dear Kathryn, we thought you might want a souvenier! Your friends at St. Jude'.

Again, REALLY??

In conclusion, I think it MUST be an advertising piece or something, like a paper weight. So, that's my show and tell.

Cool, huh?


Amylia said...
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Amylia said...

Wow! That's funny and strange. Almost as bizarre as eating food in and out of a toilet bowl, or at least right up there.

Not exactly the "sussy" I'd expect. That note is hilarious.:)

Thanks for posting the photos. They're very interesting. Amazing what we all live with...

Donna said...

Hi Kathryn,
I stumbled upon your blog from reading Amylia's. Nice reading...

What a strange thing for St Jude's to send back to you. Hmmm...

Thanks for including photos of it. I noticed that it looks very similar to the VNS device that I am trying to get okayed by my insurance company for my depression. Weird how these things look alike.

Nice meeting you! Have a good day!

Sadie said...

Had to stop reading and comment that I love that you know the word "sussy"! I used to think that it was a word only my family used until I heard it used by a co-worker one day. Now I've grown up in Texas (Austin) and lived here pretty much my whole life but up until that day, I'd never heard anyone else use the word. My husband who was also born and raised in Texas was pretty confused when I had first used "sussy" with him. I'm proud to know that your viking hubby uses such a great word!

*heading back to read the rest of the post*

Becky Everett said...

I googled the word 'sussy' and came up with your blogspot. A friend of mine learned the word while in school in Fort Worth (apparently it is a Texas word) and has taken it upon herself to revive it...she sends my daughter a sussy every five days until her wedding day. We have taken up her crusade and are spreading the sussy word here in Alabama!
Thanks for sharing!!