Tuesday, November 20

Little, bitty chicken pot pies, y'all!

Well, I have been quite the little cooker this week. Ever since I discovered that dang tastespotting website, I have become a woman obsessed!

I think it's good though, as it's allowing me to reconnect with my long dormant creative side. Cooking is one thing, but cooking and taking pictures of what you created...now THAT is art.

So, today, I saw a picture of pot pie and I was taken back in time about 2 decades. I remember those frozen Swanson pot pies. Crust on the bottom and on the top. Oh, I LOVED those things! And like last nights chili, I just HAD to have chicken pot pie, or I might DIE. I knew without a doubt that I would NOT be finding any frozen pot pies here in Norway, so if my life depended on pot pie, I was going to have to create it myself. I also was in a pinch as far as the dough was concerned. This pot pie craving was unplanned, so no pie crust had been prepared. I had a faint recollection of seeing Sara Lee croissant dough nestled between the fishcakes and pickled herring at the grocery store (I know, don't ask), so I hopped off the subway headed to the store. And sure enough, there it was. A can of Sara Lee croissants! You have to laugh at the randomness of that. So, I had my crust. It wasn't ideal, but it would do. I actually boiled a chicken carcass just yesterday, so I had a really rich chicken broth just begging to be used. Chopped up some shitaki mushrooms, carrots, celery, shallots and a potato and sauteed them in a bit of olive oil and a few spritzes of butter flavored cooking spray. Added a couple tablespoons of spelt flour and then added the chicken broth and a cup of milk and some chicken. It got really thick and bubbly. I Seasoned it with salt, pepper and tarragon.
Meanwhile, I got a muffin tin and lined 6 muffin holes (what are those called???) with the croissant dough. Filled them up with the aforementioned mixture and topped them with the extra bits of dough. Threw them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes or so and was greeted by these little beauties:
This is what it looked like in the bowl:

Another craving satisfied!!!

For all of you watching your waistlines or bloodsugar, this is actually a pretty healthy recipe! The croissant dough has 6 grams of fat per triangle, and the rest of the filling is decidedly low fat! Good protein and full of veggies!

I think I put Swanson to shame!

I do believe I am content.


Colleen said...

Looks very yummy.

Olivia said...

Hi Kathryn, thanks again for coming by my blog today. Obviously via Homesick Texan's!

I am enthralled by all the down home cooking you do all the way up in Norway.
It's pitch black by the same time in London too, I see. But our tomatoes are redder! :P

I'll be back.

Amylia said...

Ok, seriously, you have to stop. I LOVE NORWAY, having almost moved there and married a Norwegian myself (almost), and your food concotions are driving me insane. Here in Taiwan such things are so hard to come by. I don't have a stove or an oven, just one teeny burner in a hallway. Your foods is to die for. Keep it coming. I love looking at your creative and pretty healthy creations.

BTW, did you get my tag on the random 7 meme? :)