Wednesday, November 14

My, my...How time flies!

Really? Has it been since January? I have no excuses. This year has been kind of empty for me. My dad dying took a lot out of me. A lot. I wouldn’t say it stole my joy, but it took a significant portion of what I had been allotted. I miss him. Everyday. I have this picture and it just makes me SMILE:

That, my friends, is what JOY looks like. How awesome is that photo? My dad looks so happy with that fish! I have it posted on my wall here at work, and it just makes me smile!
Life IS good. It is so important to remember that, especially when circumstances try and convince us otherwise.


Nance said...

Hi. I just happened to find your blog when I was searching for some medical info. I hope you are healing from the loss of your dad. For two (or was it three?) years, I cried every day over my dad, but as it says in the Bible, not without hope - I know I'll see him again in Heaven. But I know the hurt, and as I said, I hope you are healing. Enjoy the beautiful memories.

Amylia said...

aw, I'm glad you're back blogging. I enjoyed reading your blog. That photo of your dad is great, just wonderful. Joy personified. A nice way to remember him.